In March of 2009, there was an uprising in the land of the children of God, and it was decided by the board of deacons and some faithful members that we could not live in the set of circumstances we found ourselves in.  Therefore, we lived those conditions and found ourselves venturing into the wilderness.  In that same month a group of individuals with a strong sense of friendship, kinship, desire to serve, worship, and praise God met for song and prayer.  It was agreed to meet on Sunday, March 29, 2009, at 7911 Thornhill Avenue, the Cedar Grove Affirms Real Effort or (CARE) Neighborhood Association Building to pray and hear the Word of God.  On that same Sunday, 58 people met, and later realized that this was their first church service.  Reverend Cazell Henderson preached, from Genesis 15:5-6, 26:5 with a sermon entitled “Where is Your Faith?”.


On Sunday, April 5th of the same year, the name “Unity of Faith Baptist Church” was agreed upon and established by this body of believers.  The pastor – Reverend Russell Pinkney of the Abundant Life Full Gospel Baptist Church agreed to allow this group to hold worship services at 611 East 71st Street.  On Sunday, April 19, 2009, worship service was held at this location and Reverend Cazell Henderson preached again.  The following Sunday, we baptized our first new member – a boy, Osirus Davis.


After being blessed with the Word of God from guest ministers, their belief in the scripture kept us focused and waiting on a shepherd from God.  Deacon James Carter confessed his calling to the ministry and preached his first sermon in November of 2009.  April 2010, Grace Bryant became the first girl and second new member to be baptized.


July 2010, Reverend Edward Johnson was called as pastor and served until March 19, 2011.  During this time, preaching and teaching continued with Regular Worship service and ministries were maintained to serve, fellowship, and share God’s Word in the community. 


On March 27, 2011, Reverend Terrance Toney preached his first sermon to the congregation.  Although, being without a pastor, the flock remained faithful in worship service, evangelism, and stewardship.  Reverend Toney continued to bless the flock with the deliverance of God’s Word through teaching and preaching.  During that same week, we were blessed to purchase a church located at 355 East 79th Street for the sum of $15,000.00.  With minor renovations and the purchase of new furnishings, the facility was ready for worship service.  On May 1, 2012, the congregation, after having prayer, marched from 7911 Thornhill Avenue to 355 East 79th Street to our new facility.  Prior to entering, Reverend Harry Strickland, a son of the house read scripture and the congregation sang a hymn led by Reverend Cazell, Reverend Terrance Toney, and the Board of Deacons.


After serving as presiding minister, Reverend Terrance Toney was called as pastor on October 1, 2011, without opposition.  Under his leadership, Unity of Faith Baptist Church has become more involved and active in the community spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and currently actively working to increase its building fund supporting the vision of Pastor Toney.


In September of 2013, the church at 272 East 78th Street became available for sale.  Under the leadership of Pastor Terrance Toney, the church was purchased for the sum of $115,000.00.  Although our finances were depleted with this purchase, we stepped out on faith and after $8,000.00 improvement project, the congregation marched from 355 East 79th Street to 272 East 78th Street on November 17, 2013.  Both, the 79th Street facility and the 78th Street facility, were paid for in cash under the leadership of our great Pastor Terrance Toney and we are debt free.  The membership has increased, and God is still blessing us through “leaps and bounds”.

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